New products in our shop

Recently added products in our shop:

  • A.Jensen Seatrout Flies.
  • Richard Wheatley Flat Foam Fly Boxes.
  • Richard Wheatley Compartment Fly Boxes for storing dry flies.
  • Richard Wheatley Flat Foam Replacement Sets.
  • Richard Wheatley Slim Line Fly Boxes with Easy Grip Foam or Flat Foam.
  • Fox Fly Boxes for Trout and Salmon Flies.
  • FutureFly Shrimp Shells.
  • Smhaen Bobbins.
  • TMC Double Arm Bobbins.
  • Ahrex hooks.
  • Easy Shrimp Eyes.
  • Benecchi Varnish.
  • Tiemco Line Dressing.
  • Fish Skull Living Eyes for pike streamers.
  • Scierra Wrap Around Sunglasses.
  • Scierra Trout Floating Nets.

How to chose the right wading gear?

The main function of waders is to keep you dry and comfortable during a whole day of fishing. But which ones should you choose?

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A.Jensen Spook Seatrout

The new Spook Seatrout from A.Jensen is built to meet the standards of the modern saltwater fisherman. 

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