Snowbee XS Floating Fly Lines

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The secret behind the legendary performance of the Snowbee XS Fly Lines has been the unique coating formula and profile, in conjunction with the classic low-stretch core, producing the most supple and memory free performance the line is renowned for. Many have tried and failed to replicate this formula, but there is still only one ‘original’ Snowbee fly line. Over the years there have been minor changes in production and our Nano-Technology is a winning formula across the range with its unmistakable profile and suppleness. In using this new technology, we have refined the original formula and manufacturing techniques to enhance the already superb, supple, memory-free performance, so loved by fly fishers worldwide. For many years the Snowbee XS Ivory Floating has been their top selling line, and reputation has it as still the best-selling floating line in the UK. If you don’t already know why… just try one and you will soon find out!

The flagship of the range, the original ‘Prestige’ Fly Line. Without doubt one of the best floating fly lines available today. The unique combination of ultra-low friction coating, superbly balanced profile and outstanding shootability makes this fly line the line of choice to enhance the performance of the world’s best fly rods.