Snowbee Superlight Fly Vests

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Snowbee Superlight Fly Vests are made from a lightweight 100% nylon Taslon material, these vests are so light you won’t know you are wearing them!

  • 100% waterproof Nylon Taslon material;
  • Elasticated collar and mesh inner lining for comfort;
  • 4 main box-design outer pockets to swallow the largest of fly boxes;
  • Additional small pockets on the front of these for accessories;
  • Two front zip pockets for extra storage;
  • Large rear pouch pocket;
  • Front zip closure;
  • Rear net D-ring;
  • Covered pocket zips for better rain protection;
  • Zip pull-tabs to all pocket zips;
  • Faux sheepskin fly patch to top pocket;
  • Coil re-tractor with quick release clip;
  • 3 elasticated holders for bottles of fly dressings;
  • 2 additional front D-rings;
  • Front rod loop and Velcro tag;
  • Weighs just 298 g.