Snowbee Spectre Fly Reels Black

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The Snowbee Spectre fly reels are ultra-lightweight, precision CNC machined aluminium reels at an amazing price!

Machined from high grade, aircraft aluminium bar stock, the unique design removes the maximum amount of metal, whilst retaining optimum strength and rigidity, for an ultra-lightweight and better rod/reel balance. The multi-disc cork and stainless steel center drag, offers superb performance with minimal start-up inertia, while the large arbor design allows faster retrieve, more consistent drag performance and minimal line memory. The stainless steel main spindle coupled with the one-way roller clutch bearing, provides instant drag control when that ‘smash take’ catches you by surprise. The extended range covers all requirements from the smallest brook fishing up to salmon, sea-trout and saltwater. Complete with a neoprene reel case this range offers unmatched performance and great value for money.

The Spectre Fly Reel #2/3 is the smallest model in the range and makes an ideal companion for the smallest brook rods, where light weight is all important. 
Diameter:68 mm, weight:99 g.

The Spectre #3/4 model is ideal for small river rods around 8 ft, offering the perfect balance. 
Diameter:74 mm, weight:107 g.

The Spectre #5/6 is the perfect choice for the angler who fishes slightly larger rivers, with rods of around 9 ft, but also has sufficient backing capacity for small still-waters. 
Diameter:86 mm, weight:137 g.

The Spectre #7/8 is the choice of larger river anglers fishing for sea-trout or salmon with single handed rods, or larger still-water and reservoir anglers wanting a good looking, quality reel with a powerful drag and sufficient backing capacity to handle large fish.
Diameter:94 mm, weight:145 g.

The Spectre #9/10 offers the salmon or saltwater angler a quality reel with ample backing capacity and enough ‘stopping power’ to handle anything you may come across. 
Diameter:105 mm, weight:171 g.

The Spectre #10/11 is the perfect choice for the salmon angler fishing big rivers with big lines. Capable of holding a full #10/11 Spey line plus 300 yards of backing. Equally suited to heavy saltwater fishing.
Diameter:115 mm, weight:255 g.