Scierra OSM Shield Gloves

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Scierra OSM Shield Gloves.

Extremely finger sensitive glove with hydrophobic technology protection of OSM Shield ( 

  • Super stretch 100% polyester knit fabric. 
  • Soft comfortable brushed backing. 
  • Thin yet warm glove with exceptional finger feeling. 
  • High level of water resistance due to treatment with OSM Shield technology allowing long exposures to water before becoming wet.

OSM Shield is an environmentally safe, durable, low surface energy fabric treatment that revolutionizes single-layer fabrics creating amazing performance attributes. When applied to natural or synthetic fabrics, the fiber micro infusion process transforms both fiber and fabric to repel odor, stains, and moisture. The fabric conversion process does not compromise the inherent texture, comfort, or breathability of the fabric. Each fiber and fabric will be custom engineered to achieve the full potential of the innovation maximizing the proprietary balance between chemistry and process. Once treated with OSM Shield, and after 50+ hot washings and drying cycles, a typical 65/35 poly-cotton blend fabric will repel water 85 times better than it would if left untreated. OSM Shield can make a 100% cotton woven material water resistant enough to pass U.S. Custom’s Harmonized requirements for rainwear. The Molecular Sciences and Engineering Team from the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research Center verified that the breathability of a fleece, denim, or cotton t-shirt remains virtually unchanged after being treated with OSM Shield.